Need a ‘Digital’ Definition

What an apt way to start my blog – Nasscom wants a new definition of the word ‘Digital’.

India’s  National Association of Software and Services Companies’ executive council is in the process of standardising what could encompass the ‘digital definition’.

The article published in ET said that digital currently includes mobile (which is not essentially digital), cloud servicing (some companies like Accenture do not even include cloud servicing in the digital revenue as compared to other IT companies that include cloud revenues in digital)

“You are comparing apples to oranges to pineapples to doorknobs”, the article quoted

Speaking in the digital domain, its only fair for Nasscom to take this responsibility to fix digital responsibilities (God Bless Them). In a time when the digital space is expanding and work of social media, mobile, cloud, wearables is criss-crossing, it will be a herculean task for Nasscom. Unless of course it delegates a team of content editors, who could identify and distinguish stars in the sky as part of one group or the other. Perhaps!

We will get back on that soon.



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