Digital Marketing Defined


The world rose up to watch the current prime minister of India Narendra Modi while he campaigned for his victory, speaking in several rallies throughout the country, at the same time, using hologram technology. A technology that would make him omnipresent even in the remotest of towns as though he was there in the flesh. The world knew it then that the PM was ready to reign on the throne of leadership of digitalisation.


Digital Technology is the presence of businesses, aspirations, people, networks and a whole lot of convenient insight into the world around us, which is interactive and engages us.


Making ones presence on the digital platform and growing it over time is called digital marketing. Digital marketing includes a gamut of online networking sites like youtube, blogging, linkedin, facebook, pinterest, twitter, snapchat, instagram and emails. Businesses can promote their brands through this space. This allows them maximum reach to people, who could be interested in their products and services. The simplicity of digital marketing lies in the fact that the engagement of businesses with its customers is measurable. These sites track content to guide businesses in their revenue generation and give information on where the customers are exactly dropping out or where they are engaging with the content.


Its almost like an extended and elaborate business card that needs to reach out to its potential customers so that businesses can create an environment of trust and co-dependence, also by innovating and evolving as technology develops.


In digital space, there is a greater responsibility, as one co-exists with peers. An important facet to this co-existence is the competition that these businesses thrive and survive in. There becomes a growing need to make their presence felt so that they could live the edge by engaging their brand more.


In the end, using the digital space is justified when the customer feels that spending time with that content has added value to their otherwise precious time.



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