Mann Ki Baat: 1M listened to PM on Mobile

1 million is a number that resonates with me while playing poker because that is when I am face to face with a rational number as big as that. {Not while trading real money ofcourse YET!}



This article states that nearly 1 million people of India heard Mr Modi speak in his regular address to the nation called the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ for 28 minutes on January 31st 2016 on their Mobile Phone. All that we had to do was give a missed call at 8190881908 and you would get a call back and hear Mr Modi speak.

Talking about relationship building, here is someone who is available, entertaining and also takes care of our phone bills. Mentor for Youth. Baap of Technology Revolution. Modi has also found out a way through lonely depressed souls who had given a missed call/ call to someone but are still in the waiting line!

The idea is to reach out to people in the rural areas of the country where most of the farmers have mobile connectivity.

Mann Ki Baat is featured every last sunday of the month.





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