Digital Leadership: Business-IT Alignment Model

Here is the business-IT alignment model in practice.

Source: Course on Digital Leadership, University of Reading


Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 9.07.41 PM.png

This is how I interpret developing an efficient business-IT alignment strategy, that integrates and co-ordinate activities in-house and with external partners, to improve enterprise competitiveness…


To crack the answer is to really get the perfect solution to the business-IT alignment strategy.
I still think it is the strategy that is important for any business.

Business -> Strategy -> IT

So you have a business model, you need a strategy for the IT to execute but here is a catch:

Business <-> Strategy <-> IT

Without a feedback from the IT (on that mobile app or an IT product), the businesses remain clueless about their ambition of the product.

Keeping the strategy constant, businesses and IT should have maximum two way interaction on ‘what’ and ‘how’, building and rebuilding a strategy.

Business <————————–> IT

This is a constant process and healthy for the growth of an organization.

How to overcome challenges?

exposure/training to employees and managers on best practices and new technology through constant slide shows/ presentations/ interactions on updates in the organization

attending conferences around the world on availability and sale of new technology

testing of new technology by businesses and management to assess viability, budget and product alignment

to assess competitors technology and adaptability of same (eg: Coke & Pepsi)

brand nurturing and brand ethics: Keeping the product true to the brand value and name, considering environmental, local and global factors.




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