Make in India & Sell Online?

Made in India – Madhubani art works, Banarsi & Kota sarees, Darjeeling tea sold on e-comm websites like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart and ebay might become a reality.

The country has a huge gap between its artisans and their buyers. Lapses in distribution & marketing leaves this talent pool high and dry, benefitting only the middle men.

According to me, there should be a government led separate e-comm portal that manages ‘Made in India’ products. Else the same products could have varying degree of pricing in different portals, due to reasons like discount offers by particular website, time of being bought, differing rates of procurement from artists, etc.

India is a country, where shopkeepers will negotiate even for Rs 10 for a product and end up getting a better value than what an e-comm portal could fetch them. Tie ups with established websites would have to be strategically done – by eliminating middle men, making artisans net – savvy, else establishing a net servicing support system for such artisans around the country.

These items are currently available in state emporios.



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