Cashless Transactions Now Through Selfie – Awaited

A system for mobile payments (necessitated by MasterCard) that lets you use your selfie as an authentication of the user. This is the coolest thing I have read in a long long time.

Here’s how

The idea is a rip off from the youth popular app snapchat that involves instant messaging through pictures.


I guess here are a few assumptions for the feature to be successful:


  • the mobile/ smartphone needs to have a front camera
  • if you are sitting with double layer makeup or a wig on your head, this feature still works
  • if you are two people in the selfie, this works
  • if you have pimples, scars on your face, …
  • if you wear a hoodie, …
  • if you wear powerless glasses on eyes, …
  • if you wear a google glass ? …
  • doppelgangers are not taken into assumption, …


Well, if all this doesn’t get covered or if authentication doesn’t come through for any other reason, there is a feature for fingerprint scanning your payment procedure as well.









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