WWIII: Cyber Threat


The biggest threat to Internet of Things is the lack of Cyber Security around the world. The national cyber security coordination centre formed in 2013 is an authority in India that lacks a start in an area, where the field is already being harvested.


Most recently the email account of India’s ambassador to Afghanistan, Amar Sinha, was hacked. All he had to do was download a file and his system was accessible to hackers. Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Denmark and Colombia are some countries that reported similar attacks.




  • Cyber Hacking can happen to anyone, any entity but most prominently to people, who thrive on the digital medium for day-to-day activities or people at more serious position of authority.


  • Cyber Hacking can happen for personal or financial gains and to provide a threat to someone or an entire creed.


  • Cyber Hackers can play mind games, a principle that is similar to our conduct online while we search for a product or service or a vacation destination. Our searches appear and reappear on different pages long after we have claimed the product or availed a service.


  • Cyber hackers can use social media to play around and send hateful messages woven around our searches online.




Here are some quotes on the matter


‘Once your data is online, it no longer wholly belongs to you’


‘Internet’s IP address is like home address’




‘You are buying capability, but at the same time, you are buying vulnerability’


Did you know, ‘web-connected pace makers, insulin pumps, airplane control system, prison door locks, and even cars are at risk of hacks and hijack.’



India’s budget for 2016-17 allows 70 crore rupees to be set aside for cyber security. In a day and age where we are still figuring out the definition of ‘Digital’ and thinking of taxing non-resident digital companies while they make loads of moolah from Indian citizens, And while the cyber space still figures out the robot from the human, the responsibility of waking up and insuring us from cyber threat lies in our own hands!







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