IBM’s Centralized Health Hub On Cloud

Here is a video on IBM Watson Health Centralized Thinking Hub on a Cloud.



The hub collates the data of billions of people and ‘converts that data into knowledge’. So what it does, is that it deciphers an ailment and makes suggestions to a patient according to his/ her other conditions.


The hub is touted as a breakthrough advancement in creating medical communities that thrives on interactive ecosystem and security identification



Having said that,


Every technology has its lapses and a whole data can perhaps only predict generic list of recommendations that may or may not be pliable to one or the other. Also there would be a growing concern of personal data security breaches and contrary medical findings!


But here is a thumbs up to a step forward in medical advancement.

1 bn Whatsapp users get extra security

Whatsapp has reached 1 billion customer base, seven years after it started out.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 3.34.16 PM

Latest is that it allows end-to-end encryption that allows one to securely send and receive messages, which just means that no hacker can get between you and your messenger buddy(s), whoever that is.


In an era, where everything connects to another socially – offices, houses, travel time, gym-ing, games, etc, this has to be the highlight that tops total abandonment of the self with a network that is solely meant to connect the people, ‘who are a part of it’. This is ofcourse excluding the forwarded messages that fall in the trap of connecting social people when words don’t come easy in secret social groups!


Photos, videos, voice messages, documents and even calls are inclusive in this secured encryption, that is if you are on the latest version of whatsapp, which the smartphone would have already updated you with – by today.


This also includes a feature that allows you to verify with your chat buddy(s) if your chat is actually encrypted by sharing/ scanning a unique 60-digit code.



This obviously makes me imagine a chat between potential terrorists on whatsapp and barging in their intent with a key to the lock that is securely lying in their own hands, literally!


But wait, the Whatsapp FAQ states that encryption allows security of blah blah from falling into ‘wrong hands’ and not ‘any hands’ or ‘expert hands’.


If there is a duplicate key or an encryption lapse or a third party hand in it, we will know in time to come!