Can Virtual Gaming counter Social Media Indulgence at work?

I see my peer on Facebook every time he has free time. He would just mindlessly scroll through the app, liking random posts because sometimes its just obligatory ‘to like someone’s post’ OR virtually not making a mistake of either liking or commenting on ‘specific’ people’s posts. He has figured out his style of being on Facebook. Facebook has become a boardroom of sorts where consensus are made, shaped, aligned and then set free when other priorities shout at the door.

Facebook has also become meditation, spending few minutes here and there on it to find peace. It is a virtual world, where people dominate their onscreen realities as they like it and determine how people should treat them off it.

For such a high consumption of space by billions, it just makes sense to officialize Facebook or spending time on social network an essential part of people ‘work – life balance’ No?

According to a study done by HR service company TeamLease, employees spend 2.35 hours on social media during working hours. Same employees also spend 1.5 hours outside work on these platforms. This implies that 13% of employees productivity is lost, resulting in losses for the company.

Another way to look into this would be to counter the “pastimes” that employees indulge in, by making them interact in virtual gaming, where team(s) enter the game zone to work on deliverables. This could perhaps be customiszed based on the intellectual levels required to compete. This could become a non mind numbing outlet for those employees, who do not participate in physical sports activities thus giving them lesser room to remain in their Facebook/ digital social network bubble.

This would perhaps also result in employees productive turn around in offices!