Right to Information in regional languages

Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi seems to be a storehouse of ideas to develop the nation in the best possible way. Going digital is one way to put the country on a global map for all innovations but Modi just doesn’t stop there. After Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ programme was made available in all 23 official languages besides English & Hindi; he has now directed ministries to create websites in regional languages. He wants the websites to be multilingual as people across the country access information in their own language on digital platforms.

Apart from the ministry of electronics and information, universities like IIT Madras and Jadavpur University have been roped in to bail out with translations.

Thats what we call Think Global, Act Local.

Survey puts India on top for Digital Transformation Impact on Businesses

According to a survey done by CA Technologies with Coleman Parkes, India leads the world in digital transformation impact on businesses

Conducted in May and June 2016, the survey covered 1,770 senior business and IT executives from large enterprises, across 21 countries and 10 industry sectors.

Here are some key findings:

  • Indian businesses see greatest improvement by 55% in generating new revenues as a result of digital transformation
  • 84% of Indian businesses were seeing moderate to significant improvements in their ability to differentiate from their competition through digital transformation
  • Greatest gain (56%) in terms of impact on employee productivity as a result of digital transformation

“India is at the cusp of a major revolution, as we see digital technologies being at the center of business strategy for leading businesses. Our survey results are a testimony to a strong correlation between business performance and smarter technologies that underpin digital transformations,”

“Digital transformation is an ongoing trend and the organisations are investing in SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud), with cloud and mobile leading the pack. Sector-wise Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), government, retail including e-commerce and telecom are leading on the investment front for digital transformation,”

—  Sunil Manglore, Managing Director-India at CA Technologies said.

IBM’s Centralized Health Hub On Cloud

Here is a video on IBM Watson Health Centralized Thinking Hub on a Cloud.



The hub collates the data of billions of people and ‘converts that data into knowledge’. So what it does, is that it deciphers an ailment and makes suggestions to a patient according to his/ her other conditions.


The hub is touted as a breakthrough advancement in creating medical communities that thrives on interactive ecosystem and security identification



Having said that,


Every technology has its lapses and a whole data can perhaps only predict generic list of recommendations that may or may not be pliable to one or the other. Also there would be a growing concern of personal data security breaches and contrary medical findings!


But here is a thumbs up to a step forward in medical advancement.

1 bn Whatsapp users get extra security

Whatsapp has reached 1 billion customer base, seven years after it started out.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 3.34.16 PM

Latest is that it allows end-to-end encryption that allows one to securely send and receive messages, which just means that no hacker can get between you and your messenger buddy(s), whoever that is.


In an era, where everything connects to another socially – offices, houses, travel time, gym-ing, games, etc, this has to be the highlight that tops total abandonment of the self with a network that is solely meant to connect the people, ‘who are a part of it’. This is ofcourse excluding the forwarded messages that fall in the trap of connecting social people when words don’t come easy in secret social groups!


Photos, videos, voice messages, documents and even calls are inclusive in this secured encryption, that is if you are on the latest version of whatsapp, which the smartphone would have already updated you with – by today.


This also includes a feature that allows you to verify with your chat buddy(s) if your chat is actually encrypted by sharing/ scanning a unique 60-digit code.



This obviously makes me imagine a chat between potential terrorists on whatsapp and barging in their intent with a key to the lock that is securely lying in their own hands, literally!


But wait, the Whatsapp FAQ states that encryption allows security of blah blah from falling into ‘wrong hands’ and not ‘any hands’ or ‘expert hands’.


If there is a duplicate key or an encryption lapse or a third party hand in it, we will know in time to come!

Mobile App for distressed employees

According to reports, some Indian companies have adopted customized mobile apps to ensure timely and easy communication with their employees.


Through the app,


  • Employees can apply for attendance, leave and travel from anywhere in the planet and bosses can approve ‘On The Go’


  • E-learning & certification courses: Brain cells can be exercised by accessing these app friendly courses from anywhere


  • Directory service: Now grapevine will travel faster with easy access to every employee information


  • Goal setting: Make goals on the football field and see your company’s dreams come true


  • Internal communication: Newsletters, activity club, etc can all happen here


  • Feedback surveys: Your feedback is important to the company and so is the survey.



Through these apps, companies can create a Digital Universe for Digital Transformation within the company!

Ikea: Furniture that Charges Phones

The Swedish Furniture giant, Ikea has a digital connect.

Here’s How

The furniture with built-in chargers for your phone allows one to be anywhere at home or office and charge their phones on the charging pads connected to the furniture.

In the era, where we seldom discuss whether the egg came first or the chicken, here is a digital innovation that allows us to enjoy both amenities!

Top Digital Countries

Top Digital Countries

Here is a website that lists The Digital Evolution across the globe

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.50.19 AM

Sweden, Singapore, UK, Hong Kong, Switzerland are clearly leading the band wagon, while Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya are at the bottom. India lies at the lower wrung of the evolution while China lies low at the equator.

Whats note worthy is the Rate of Change of digital evolution from 2008 to 2013. India and China, the emerging economies definitely show a positive outlook along with Mexico, Thailand & S Africa. This could mean that these countries are in the better part of the era, where digital evolution is breaking and are rapidly advancing towards adopting digital technology as compared to countries which saw rapid digital development in the past but have lost their spring now including most of Europe, Australia and Japan.

The country, which shows an upward trend in both the areas is Singapore.