Livestock, Semen & Embryo available online

In an initiative to organize the sector of buying & selling livestock, Indian government has introduced a website that allows breeders, buyers and sellers to trade cattle, buffaloes and their frozen semen & embryo online under a verified and certified system without a middleman.

56 semen stations across 20 states have been connected through this portal. The portal provides information on the forms of germ-plasm with price tags and all agencies and stakeholders. Farmers can also access services like handling of artificial insemination, good care practices, animal certification, nutritional advisory and disease screening & testing of animals.  The portal saves the farmers from being cheated and encourage e-transactions and home delivery. is a replacement for the animal fairs & local haats most prevalent in an unorganized set up across the country. This initiative would help in checking the quality and quantity of milk production in the country.

Some stats:

  • Indian contributes to 20% of total milk production in the world
  • India is the largest producer of milk in the world